Discovery Trail Farm Airpark
A Washington State Residential Airpark

Discovery Trail Farm Airpark is the country’s premier neighborhood for an aviation enthusiast. Land your plane at Sequim Valley airport and taxi to your home located in a beautiful setting on a paved taxiway. It just may be the best-designed residential airpark in the country – and with more VFR days than any airport in Western Washington, Sequim Valley Airport (W28) ranks #1 in small airports in Washington among pilots.

Discovery Trail Farm Airpark is a neighborhood of 15 homes surrounded by 52 acres of dedicated farmland that will never be developed. Everyone has a 52-acre backyard that someone else mows. We think this is the perfect blend of urban and country living. Every lot has a panoramic view of the Olympic Mountains and access to a paved 3,500 foot runway.

This stunning residential airpark is located in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains, just three miles northwest of sunny Sequim, Washington. Sequim has an average annual rainfall of 14 inches, providing over 300 days of sunshine a year and giving the area the reputation of the “Blue Hole”.

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Sequim Valley Airport

Sequim Valley Airport (W28) is a privately owned, open for public use airport adjacent to Discovery Trail Farm Airpark. You won’t find a sweeter little airport anywhere in the Pacific Northwest – it has the most favorable wind conditions, the least fog, and the best visibility. A paved, private taxiway (not shared with cars) takes you from your home to a 3500’ x 40’ lighted runway. The airport also maintains a parallel grass strip. Self-service fuel is available. For more info visit their website at